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About Us

Who We Are

Sutra Consulting is a leading management and development consultancy focussed on providing solutions to complex human development challenges. Our advisory services are focussed on sectors where challenges to deliver equitable quality of life are demanding. We believe in inclusive, equitable and enabling development process through strong technical and management support for achieving sustainable development.

Mission and Values


To provide cutting edge solutions for sustainable and equitable development of people through excellent technical and management advisory services to our partners and clients.


Innovation and Creativity

We believe in spirit of innovation and creativity in delivering outcomes for our clients and partners. Our multidisciplinary teams are encouraged to think freely, use power of listening and observation to identify and solve problems, and be relentlessly passionate in search of breakthrough solutions.

Partnership and Commitment

We believe in building and nurturing partnership in our work through trust, commitment and mutual respect to achieve value for our clients. We are committed to finding development solutions that are equitable, inclusive and valuable for all stakeholders, particularly for people.

Integrity and Trust

We maintain highest standards of ethical conduct in our work, which are non-negotiable under any circumstances. We are firm in our trust and duty of care towards all stakeholders in the development process.

People First

We are committed to "People first" and are conscious of the human impact of our work. We maintain this unflinching commitment in very action and engagement we make with our partners, community and people.


Our technical team are highly experienced and respected professionals with demonstrated intellectual leadership and ability to influence development decisions of our clients and partners. Our professionals are from diverse backgrounds, including engineering, management, science, social sciences, economics and international studies. Our services are delivered by our technical staff and our independent associates drawn from several specialised fields.


Footprint of our work can be seen in most of the states of India, where we have delivered a wide spectrum of development advisory in different sectors. Our ambition of expanding our services in South East Asia has led to several assignments in Bangladesh and efforts are ongoing to expand to other Asian countries.

Clients and Partners

We have worked with a diverse group of clients including multilateral / bilateral development partners, International aid organisation and NGOs, Government ministries / agencies, grassroot development organisation, philanthropic foundations, community institutions and the corporate sector. Our key clientele includes the World Bank Group, IFC, ADB, DFID, JICA, UN agencies, Government / public agencies, various International NGOs like OXFAM, Save the Children, Hand in Hand, Find Your Feet, etc.