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Human Resource Management, Training and Capacity Development

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We consider human resources and their capacities as equally important as policies and design of social development programs in order to achieve sustainable development outcomes. Our expertise in recruitment, staffing and human resource management on behalf of our development partners are built on our rich experience of working in development space for almost two decades. Our human resource specialists have a unique blend of human resource specialisation and development sector expertise that enables them to deliver reliable human resource solutions to our clients and partners.

We firmly believe that small efforts and positive change can spur humans to greater achievements and we have consistently applied this principle in training and developing capacities for our development partners and clients. Our work in various development domains has enabled our specialists to design and implement training programs that enhances intellectual abilities and reduces skill-gaps between knowledge and application. Our training programs are delivered through a mix of participatory methods, experiential learning, knowledge sharing and coaching and are custom designed for the participants. We consider developing capacities as a continuous ongoing process and this philosophy underpins every work we do for our partners.

Select Work in Human Resource Management, Training and Capacity Development

Human Resource Management and Organisational Development of Maharashtra State Rural Livelihoods Mission

2013 - 2015

Recruitment and Capacity Building for World Bank Bihar Rural Livelihoods Project

2012 - 2015

Improving the Capacity Building Efforts and strengthening Community Based Institutions for World Bank West Bengal Accelerated Development of Minor Irrigation Project

2016 - 2017

National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM) is an ambitious mission mode programme launched by Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India for eradication of rural poverty. Maharashtra State Rural Livelihoods Mission (MSRLM) is established to implement National Rural Livelihoods Mission.  NRLM aims at reaching nearly 70 million rural households in 12 states of India that account for 85% of the rural poor households in the country. The NRLM is funded jointly by the Government of India and the World Bank. MSRLM operates under the aegis of NRLM and The Mission aims at eradication of rural poverty by building sustainable institutions of poor and ultimately leading them to sustainable livelihoods. The design of the MSRLM goes beyond income generation activities and employment programs to include capacity building, financial inclusion, social mobilization and marketing services as equally important elements of livelihoods enhancement. Building and strengthening institutions of the poor, putting in place dedicated support structures for such institutions and drawing upon their skills, knowledge and desire to overcome poverty lie at the core of the mission.

Sutra Consulting supported MSRLM in design and execution of their Human Resources Systems and Processes including drafting and implementation of HR Policy and HR Manual, drafting of Job Description of key positions, design of recruitment strategy and plan, execution of hiring of over 300 personnel, drafting of Organisational Development strategy and its implementation, training manual and calendar design and execution of training of more than 500 personnel, drafting of KRA and Key Performance Indicators, design and roll out of Performance Management System, conducting a compensation survey and design of salary structure and pay band for the personnel at MSRLM. This was one of key assignments which experimented and established every aspects of Human Resource in development space as it is carried out for a new organization. Our key experts could initiate and establish complete HR process and systems over two years period which was furthered by internal HR team of MSRLM.

The World Bank Bihar Rural Livelihoods Project (BRLP) has an objective of social & economic empowerment of the rural poor. The programme aims at reducing poverty by enabling the poor households to access gainful self-employment and skilled wage employment opportunities, resulting in appreciable improvement in their livelihoods on a sustainable basis, through building strong grassroots institutions of the poor. Bihar Rural Livelihood Promotion Society (BRLPS) which implements BRLP is one of the largest social projects in the country with a large setup across all the districts of Bihar. The project recruited over 8000 personnel in three phases between 2012-2015 to build their team and state, district and block levels.

Sutra Consulting led consortium was engaged as the Human Resource Agency to assist BRLPS to complete hiring of about 8000 professional over 3 years. The team of experts provided inputs in designing of appropriate recruitment and selection process, developing and facilitating a comprehensive media plan for reaching out to job seekers for recruitment, conducting decentralised mass recruitment of staffs, ensuring credential verification and on-boarding of the recruited staff and facilitating BRLPS for developing its capacity for future recruitments. Our inputs helped BRLPS establish its own recruitment process, strengthen field immersion practices for new field level recruits and built a replicable methodology to hire quality staff.

World Bank West Bengal Accelerated Development of Minor Irrigation Project is a USD 300 Million programme aiming to enhance agricultural production of small and marginal farmers in the project area. It has three component; strengthening community-based institutions, irrigation system development and Agricultural Support Services. Being implemented in twenty districts of West Bengal, the project prioritizes rain fed/single cropped area, small and marginal farmers with special emphasis to Tribal and backward communities.

Sutra Consulting was engaged for improving the capacity building efforts of WBADMI Project for Strengthening Community Based Institutions. Our team of experts conducted Training Needs Assessment exercise, developed new training plan and materials and designed a detail roll out plan. Some of the thematic areas on which training modules were developed include Participatory Irrigation Mmanagement (PIM), Agricultural practices, Agri Marketing, Financial Management in WUA, Conflict Management and Participatory Monitoring of WUAs among others. Our expert's input helped the department develop innovative training manual and enhanced the understanding of capacity building methodologies for the farmers as well as front line workers.